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The Best Way to Store Kitchen Knives

As one of the most important tools in the kitchen, it’s important to take the best care of your knives to ensure that they remain sharp – and therefore safe.

There are many different options available to store your kitchen knives to keep them efficient, but which ways are more of a help than a hindrance? We take a look at some of the best ways to store your knives safely but without having to worry about accessibility – or aesthetics!

In this guide:

  • The Intro
  • Magnetic Knife Rack
  • Knife Bags
  • Knife Blocks
  • Sheaths
  • Drawer Knife Holders

A Magnetic Knife Rack

Not got a lot of countertop space or simply want to have your knives easily accessible, a magnetic knife rack is a perfect solution.

Available in any size to fit any space you require, the magnetic strip can be placed anywhere on the wall in a kitchen. The blades of the knives are attracted to the magnet, keeping the knives held in place, but allows for the quick removal for ease of access.

Another benefit of a magnetic strip to hold your knives is that you can put as many knives as you need on it. Sometimes you may need a knife that you didn’t realise you would need, so rather than fumbling around in an unorganised drawer and potentially injuring yourself in the process, why not have all your knives on display and ready to use?

The magnetic strip also reduces the risk of blunting the knife edge during storage. If improperly stored, the edge can dull, making the knives less effective and, therefore, more dangerous. The sharp edge doesn’t touch anything on the magnetic strip, leaving the edge crisp and sharp.

Knife Bags/Cases

Although they may seem like a more professional solution, knife bags and cases can be ideal for even the most casual of cooking enthusiasts. The mobile nature of a bag or a case means that they can be easily transported and put away when they’re not needed.

Perfect for those with kitchens which can’t spare any drawer space, but need more security than a magnetic strip or knife block (in a kitchen where children have access to, for example). Knives can be taken from the case or bag and replaced when they’re finished with. No drawers for kids to accidentally open, or knives on display for them to reach for.

They’re also the perfect solution for those who prefer using their own tools if they are cooking elsewhere. Easy to pack up and keep compact, if you’re a real cooking-enthusiast who regularly attends courses or enjoys cooking for friends and family, it is definitely worth investing in a knife bag or case to keep all your blades safe and sharp and, more importantly, all together.

Knife Blocks

Knife blocks are usually the first solution you think of when the topic of storing knives arises. So why have we left it to near the end of our guide?

Knife blocks are a wonderful storage solution, but they can be restrictive if you have a large number of knives, or a hindrance if you have a small countertop area to work with. However, if you are just looking for one set of knives with a set number of blades, they could be the ideal solution.

The blocks keep the knives accessible and safely hide the blade within the block. It is important to make sure that the knives are placed in the block carefully, however, as the cutting edge can easily be dulled if the blade has pressure on the sharp edge.

If you are intending to keep the number of knives you own the same, then a knife block can be a reliable, cost-effective solution.


Knife sheaths are a great option for those who have knives which don’t fit into their existing knife storage options, or simply if they only have a few kitchen knives in their possession which may not require a whole different storage solution. After all, if you’re only going to have a chefs knife and a paring knife, you won’t need to buy a whole knife block or case to store them in.

These sheaths simply slide over the blade to protect it from damage and equally protect you from getting injured when rummaging around in a drawer to find them. They’re also a good idea if you use a bag or a case as extra protection.

Depending on your needs, there is a knife storage solution for everyone – you just need to determine what you need from your storage. Do you need it to be accessible, or can it be stored away until you need to use it?

At Kitchen Knives, we’re here to help you find the perfect solutions for all your kitchen knife needs. If you need help, or just need more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’re happy to help in any way we possibly can.

Drawer Knife Holders

If you prefer to keep your knives away from prying eyes, or need to keep them out of sight for safety, you may opt to use a drawer to store them in.

While it is generally not advisable to keep knives in a drawer due to the increased chance of blunting the blade as they roll around and bump into each other, there are holders which are specifically designed to keep knives in place and safe.

These holders are often made up of a divider with small sections and drawer fixture where the blade sits, keeping the knives in a horizontal position and in place so that they stay still. The handles of the knives are usually rested on a block to keep the blade from resting on the bottom of the drawer.

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